The Power of Youth Travel

The Power of Youth Travel (UNWTO, 2011)

The Power of Youth Travel (UNWTO, 2011)

The Power of Youth Travel (UNWTO, 2011)

The report features commentary from specialists, UNWTO Affiliate Members and other selected organizations on the importance of youth travel for economic development, global development and young travellers themselves.

UNWTO estimates that around 20% of the 940 million international tourists travelling the world in 2010 were young people. With outbound travel from the world’s emerging economies being boosted by new, affluent travellers and the age bracket for youth travel expanding across the world, this is increasingly a consumer group to take seriously.

Among the subjects covered in The Power of Youth Travel, you can discover:

  • How young travellers are helping to shake up the traditional tourism value chain
  • Why youth travel is set to expand in the developed world despite an ageing population
  • What type of cooperation is needed for destinations to cater best for younger visitors, with best-practice examples of what’s worked
  • How destinations can benefit from building long-lasting relationships with young travellers
  • What are the best methods of communicating directly with young consumers in emerging economies
  • How individuals benefit from seeing the world from a young age

The Power of Youth Travel was first published in September 2011 however it still offers a huge amount of relevant data and opinion. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the report has been used on numerous occasions to lobby tourism ministers and key decision makers on dedicating greater resources to promoting to the youth market, and on improving trading conditions for the industry.

ThePowerOfYouthTravel (English)

La Fuerza del Turismo Joven (Español)

La Force du Tourisme Jeune (Français)

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