Gen C case studies

Gen C consumers are those consumers who are constantly connected yet famously difficult to reach. Young, fashion conscious and constantly bombarded with conflicting brands, messages, ideas and trends to follow, they are at once the Holy Grail for advertisers of all kinds, not just tourism destinations.

So how to attract their attention, confidence and ultimately their dollars, euros, roubles and yuan? With technology at the heart of the customer-supplier relationship and with the Gen C label applied to a predominantly young audience, inventing new and exciting ways of engaging with Gen C before, during and after they travel is a constant challenge.


What works and what doesn’t?

How have some of the world’s top destinations gained their reputation among Gen C consumers as being an excellent place to visit? What steps are others taking to reach out to this valuable audience? Before we go any further, what’s certain is that their reputation is not simply marketing fluff. Gen C looks for safety, value and an engaging experience. It sounds like a simple combination but so many destinations don’t manage to achieve those basics.

One of the main purposes of this site is to help travel and tourism professionals learn from the experience of others, debate what works and what doesn’t and seek that winning formula for winning Gen C’s hearts and minds.

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