An age bracket or a state of mind?

PalmTrees“When you say ‘youth travel’, what age range are you talking about?”

Gen C is the connected generation, the generation that has grown up fully accustomed to being connected 24/7 to the internet, which generally means they lived through their teenage years after the year 2000. However that doesn’t give us the whole picture, given what we know about the evolution in customer profiles that the youth and student travel industry has seen in recent years.

The question of defining an age bracket for youth travel is one that constantly crops up equally among youth travel industry professionals and those who’ve never had anything to do with this line of work. We all have our own idea of what ‘youth travel’ means, but industry research, anecdotal evidence and youth travel businesses’ activities all point towards one trend: that the products and services traditionally targeted at travellers aged 18-30 are becoming increasingly attractive to older travellers too.

Here we examine that trend, and its effects on the travel and tourism industry as a whole, more closely.

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