What’s a ‘Gen C Traveller’?

You’ve heard of Generation X, Generation Y and possibly even Generation Z. So who on earth falls under the category of ‘Gen C’? Gen C are today’s teenagers. According to Google Gen C is a powerful new force in consumer culture. According to a 2010 report by Booz&Co, Gen C are:

  • Connected
  • Communicating
  • Content-centric
  • Computerised
  • Community-orientated, and…
  • Always clicking

We’re talking about those born after 1990 and who lived their teenage years after 2000. By 2020 they’ll make up 40% of the population in Europe, the US and BRIC countries. The aim of this blog is to discuss what the rise of this generation means for the travel and tourism industry of the future. I hope it will prove to be a useful resource for professionals from across the industry and I look forward to your input and thoughts on the subjects that we discuss.

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